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EAT Business School Opened Spring 2021 in Fukuoka

We provide what you need, as much as you want.
Tired of wasting time and money on misplaced effort?

Application Requirements

Maximum 20 participants
Global leader training for real world business competition
18 classes are delivered by business leaders from diverse fields (*described below), 6 classes by CEO Okamura (*content subject to change based on need and progress).
Lecture content, discussions, presentations, etc. differ according to the teaching style of each instructor. Language=Japanese

Term, Hours, and Venue

May 2021-Apr. 2022 with classes held the 3rd Saturday of every month (12 total classes)
9:00-18:00 (8 hours, 2 classes per day)
Seminar room in Fukuoka city


420,000 JPY + tax/one-year course
・Business school-quality education for a fraction of the price!
・If one leaves midterm, a quarterly refund will be provided given a detailed and adequate explanation.

Expectations for Participants

Motivated learners with a passion for personal growth in their mid-20s to mid-40s.

・Completing this course is considered on par with an MBA by HR managers at certain large companies
・Diversified age-range and industrial background make for a unique, collaborative environment


Course content may be changed according to the progress and characteristics of participants.
  • Basics of Management and the Next-generation Management Style
  • Analysis and Learning of Corporate Credit
  • Basics of Asset Management-How to look at the world through equity investments
  • Basics of Asset Management-How to Build World Perspective through Asset Allocation
  • Discussions about the Future World and How to prepare for New Paradigm
  • How to read truth which lies under superficial day-to-day articles of newspaper etc.
  • How to enhance management skills and capabilities
  • How the world should look like 20 years ahead from Energy perspective
  • Significance of Networking and how to utilize its ability
  • Lessons from past success of Japanese corporates like Toyota etc.
  • Training of Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Lessons from Global Executive-How we should work and live in this uncertain world
  • How to analyze and utilize data in actual business environment
  • Speech by sitting CEO of Japan listed leading company
  • Academic Analysis of Global Talents
  • Philosophical Discussions to establish yourself and strategic thinking
  • Lessons from Japanese Executive who has actively played globally
  • Entrepreneurship Project
  • How to develop one’s own market value in Fukuoka which has innovativeness
  • How to Enhance your Skills and Career
  • Review of Asset Allocation and Japan Equity Performance Competition game
  • Review of Credit Analysis Assignment- How to do credit analysis
  • Speech by Successful Executives who have changed the industries
  • Wrap-up for Continuous Growth and Graduation Ceremony