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EAT Business School Opened Spring 2020

We provide what you need, as much as you want.
Aren’t we wasting money and time for too futile attempts?

Application Requirements

Around 30 people
Theme /
Global leader training who can win in real business competition
Lectures /
18 classes are delivered by diversified business leaders (*written later), 6 classes by Okamura though contents may change flexibly up to needs from students and their learning progress.
Study Style /
different up to each lecturer though teaching style are very much diversified in total with lecture, discussions, presentations, individual assignments etc. Language-Japanese

Term, Hours, and Venue

Term /
2020/4 -2020/3 2nd and 4th Saturday every month, 24 classes in total in one year
Hours /
13:00-17:00 4 hours
Venue /
Seminar Room at Marunouchi Building 8Floor


JPY 420,000 + tax for the whole one-year course
- almost volunteer-activity price which is possible under passion of Okamura supported by his network of executive leaders, who are willing to make next generation bright )
- refundable in each quarter-end if you are not satisfied with learning at school in return for detailed explanation of EAT shortcomings.)

Selection Standard of Students

”Mental” Age from mid 20s to mid 40s who are capable and passionate for its growth
Differentiation/ Practical.

Executives and/or Specialists at HR Departments of some large companies highly evaluate this school and position it as the school for graduate from MBA course.
- very much diversified with age of 20s to 50s, from more than 10 industries
- the past students include, for example, an asset manager, a HR manager, a Mutual Fund Product Planning manager at Mitsui Asset Management, a new business innovator at KAMPO Life and Asahi Life, an aircraft engineer of HONDA, CEO of start-p IT company, 17 consecutive years No1 life insurance sales in Japan, an 1st class architecture at KAJIMA, Executive Officer at Seino Transportation, and many other talented players and managers, many of them who can deliver lectures instead.

Course Contents

The program contents will be changed flexibly subject to growth and characteristics of the participants.
  • Basics of Management and the Next-generation Management Style
  • Analysis and Learning of Corporate Credit
  • Discussions about the Future World and How to prepare for New Paradigm
  • Basics of Asset Management-How to Build World Perspective through Asset Allocation
  • How to read truth which lies under superficial day-to-day articles of newspaper etc.
  • Basics of Asset Management-How to look at the world through equity investments
  • How to enhance management skills and capabilities
  • How the world should look like 20 years ahead from Energy perspective
  • Lessons from past failures of Japanese traditional corporates by the journalist
  • Lessons from past success of Japanese corporates like Toyota etc.
  • Training of Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Significance of Networking and how to utilize its ability
  • Lessons from Global Executive-How we should work and live in this uncertain world
  • How to analyze and utilize data in actual business environment
  • Speech by sitting CEO of Japan listed leading company
  • Academic Analysis of Global Talents
  • Philosophical Discussions to establish yourself and strategic thinking
  • Lessons from Japanese Executive who has actively played globally
  • Entrepreneurship Project
  • Speech by Successful Executives who have changed the industries
  • Review of Asset Allocation and Japan Equity Performance Competition game
  • Review of Credit Analysis Assignment- How to do credit analysis
  • How to Enhance your Skills and Career
  • Wrap-up for Continuous Growth and Graduation Ceremony