Do most of Japanese not have a vague uneasiness in the future?
I think that’s very right intuition.

Sometimes, I hear that people do not need luxury and are satisfied with the current state of living. That’s natural. Diligently accumulated personal financial assets are totaling up to 1,700 trillion yen. Prices have declined down to very low level due to continued deflation. Thinking on the stock basis, there's no wonder on the fact that people are comfortable with current living conditions. However, it is concerned that the current “so so” condition will not last into the future.

Are you comfortable with the current state? Or, are you prepared to think through the future and transform yourself?

We are now at a major transition point for the way of working (living).

The belief that hard work will by all means be rewarded was right in the era of high growth. Personally, I worked at a Japanese company for 20 years and am very grateful for having been nurtured by them. Therefore, even now I like the word “simple honesty” very much.

However, the next generation will not be able to survive with such Japanese-style sense of values. While the population of Japan decreases, the growth of Japan will not be secured if we do not collaborate with world people. Furthermore, not only the Japanese working overseas but also the Japanese working in Japan are under pressure to transform themselves while the distance with the world being reduced rapidly. Therefore, ”globalization” is demanded all over Japan and the Japanese companies.

Then, what is the nature of global person who will succeed in the next generation?

I have worked overseas for three times and traveled on business all over the world. Furthermore, I became a member of the Asian management board of a global company. The successful person I witnessed at the forefront of global business was considerably far from the image of conventional Japanese.

The definition of global person based on my real experience is:
The person who achieves higher results by both collaborating with a person with a different sense of values and producing synergy.
Not only foreigners but also Japanese should have rich individualities. In the generation going forward, people need to have the sense to find values in the difference and make use of it. If people look at the reality obediently and get the hint for a new development, then they’ll have easier lives with their own style. This is the real diversity! I understand the significance of diversity because I’ve earned many successful experiences at a global company.

You are the one who has an explosive growth potential if you are worried about and not settled with the current state of yourself. Please feel free to knock on our door and open your new future.
“The value of an individual in the next generation”
     = Skill × Experience/Achievements × Willingness to Transform × Eagerness
Susumu Okamura
Education for Asian Talents


Susumu Okamura

Professional Career

[2013 to present]
Founder and CEO
Education for Asian Talents

CEO, Member of Asia Pacific Management Committee
UBS Global Asset Management Japan Ltd.

Head of Product Development
UBS Global Asset Management Japan Ltd.

Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company, Ltd.

☆Served area
CEO of DIAM Asset Management in the U.S.
Head of Forex Trading
Human Resources Dept.
Planning Dept.
Commercial lending group in New York


1994 MBA Columbia Business School
1985 BA in Law University of Tokyo


CMA (Chartered Member of Securities Analysts Association of Japan)
Registered Real-Estate Broker