Introduction of lecturers (by the syllabary order)

Yoshio Ishizaka
Former Executive Vice-President Toyota Motor Corporation
Mr. Ishizaka made his best exertions to formulate Toyota’s world sales strategy. He performed a pilgrimage of 120 countries in order to familiarize himself with local circumstances and practiced Genchi Genbutsu (Go to the source to find the facts to make correct decisions) principle that is the basis of Toyota way. The gazing decision on Lexus Brand made by him is impressive.
Tomoyuki Isoyama
Hard-core Economy Journalist
Mr. Isoyama is a former reporter of Nihon Keizai Shimbun. He is a person of warm heart and a cool head. He keeps writing for 365 days with a passion to improve Japan. Hats off to his ability to draw true problems from the depths
Ayumi Ohkushi
President GlobaLink Inc.
Ms. Ohkushi is the Queen of the business communication education who carries training more than 250 times a year. In her class, the fact that the improvement of communication technique equals to the reinforcement of the thinking power falls in the belly.
Yasuyuki Ohnishi
Economy Journalist
Mr. Ohnishi has continued to face the ups and downs of giant companies of Japan. Analysis fed from his sharp insight and flexible thinking shows us the way to the future.
Minoru Konno
Senior Adviser Nissay Asset Management Corporation
Mr. Konno served as president of an investment subsidiary of Nippon Life Insurance Company in the U.S. and CIO of Nissay Asset Management Ltd.…etc. His attitude toward financial/capital markets and his subordinates are consistently faithful both at Japanese and non-Japanese companies. The lecture on how to face the market given by a market professional of a sincere character changes even the life of non-financial person.
成川 哲夫 氏
取締役相談役 元新日鉄興和不動産株式会社
Yuichi Hiromoto
President & CEO Japan Industrial Solutions
Mr. Hiromoto is one of the key figures who founded and established the J-REIT industry in Japan. We learn a lot both from his mind to launch new businesses and his strategic thinking, without forgetting the entrepreneurial spirit within the company.
Masahiro Fukuda
Investment Director Performance Analysis & Investment Communications Investment, Japan FIL Investments (Japan) Limited
Mr. Fukuda is a former go-getter fund manager who had managed a Japanese equity fund of 2 trillion yen. He is an exceptional professional at a foreign firm as well, having both deep knowledge and personality.
Ichiro Miyake
Special Advisor of S&P Global Ratings
Former president of S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.
Yoshifumi Miyata
Former Deputy President Trust & Custody Services Bank, Ltd.
Mr. Miyata is the former managing executive officer of The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited. His motto has been “know the common practice and doubt it” since the time he was in charge of credit examination during high growth period. His deep management experience, passion, and the gentle narrative fascinate the audience.