Introduction of Lecturers (by the syllabary order)

Yoshio Ishizaka
Former Executive Vice-President Toyota Motor Corporation
Mr. Ishizaka played a major role in formulating Toyota’s global sales strategy. Following the Toyota principle of Genchi Genbutsu (referring to the practice of collecting information at the source to make informed decisions), he visited 120 countries to study and survey local conditions. His strategy in developing the Lexus Brand is awe-inspiring.
Tomoyuki Isoyama
Hard-core Economy Journalist
Mr. Isoyama is a former reporter of Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Warm-hearted and cool-headed, he writes passionately on Japanese society 365 days a year. Hats off to his ability to explore problems in-depth.
Ayumi Ohkushi
President GlobaLink Inc.
Holding over 250 training sessions per year, Ms. Ohkushi is the queen of business communication education. Her lecture imparts that improving communication skills is akin to strengthening one’s ability to think.
Yasuyuki Ohnishi
Economy Journalist
Mr. Ohnishi has followed the rise and fall of giant Japanese corporations from the very beginning. His sharp analysis, biting insight, and journalistic vision show us the way forward.
Minoru Konno
Senior Adviser Nissay Asset Management Corporation
Mr. Konno has experience serving as the president of an investment subsidiary of Nippon Life Insurance Company in the US and CIO of Nissay Asset Management Corporation. Irrespective of his environment, Mr. Konno’s approach to financial/capital markets and his employees is faithfully consistent. A market professional and man of true character, his lecture on how to navigate the market resonates even with those outside of finance.
Tetsuo Narukawa
Former Director and Senior Advisor Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate
Mr. Narukawa’s career spans various industries, from Human Resources at a Japanese megabank to president of a major real estate company. He supports German-Japan relations as a translator and is a board member of the Japan Committee for Economic Development as well. His innovative mindset is particularly inspiring to younger generations.
Yuichi Hiromoto
President and CEO Japan Industrial Solutions
Mr. Hiromoto is one of the key figures who founded and established the J-REIT industry in Japan. We learn a lot both from his mind to launch new businesses and his strategic thinking, without forgetting the entrepreneurial spirit within the company.
Masahiro Fukuda
Investment Director Fidelity Investments (Japan) Ltd.
Mr. Fukuda is a former go-getter fund manager who had managed a Japanese equity fund of 2 trillion yen. He is an exceptional professional at a foreign firm as well, having both deep knowledge and personality.
Ichiro Miyake
Special Advisor of S&P Global Ratings
Former president of S&P Global Ratings Japan Inc.
Over the course of his brilliant career, Mr. Miyake changed industries with ease, moving from a major Japanese construction firm to the head of finance at an American bank. He also served as president of a European life insurance company and representative of a global ratings agency. A professional guitarist and expert at enjoying life.
Yoshifumi Miyata
Former Deputy President Trust & Custody Service Bank, Ltd.
Mr. Miyata is the former managing executive officer of Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. He developed the motto “Know what is common and doubt it” from his experience leading credit checks during Japan’s period of rapid economic growth. He fascinates listeners with his passionate—yet reserved—instruction style and deep management expertise.