For Corporates

“Blazing Seminar Series” support to find one’s “Blazing and aspiring goal” and develop one’s own market value.

Various Training Targets

Many business types: Finance, IT, Manufacturer, Service, Public institution, Audit corporations... etc.
All position: Executives, Chief directors, Section chiefs, employees of newly hired through experienced.

Basic Spirits for Training Decision

The Times of Diversity and Uncertainty “Solutions are varied”
“The ability to think over” Panting from how-to books, Understanding the essence of things
“Blazing and aspiring goal” helps learning with Motivation
“Keep viewing wide, practice in detail” Skill for putting into practice, Emotion & Logic
“Market value” Growth of Individuality and Business in balance
We will nurture talents with high level market values through our lessons.
(Japanese business people are required to change dramatically their working style no matter where they are to work.)

Our Programs interact with individual passion

Prior subject
We measure each member’s characteristics and problems through the prepared assignment to check self-recognition level, speech skill and so on.
Group Training
Case study: Both successes and failures based on the practical experiences of Okamura who have worked with thousands of global business people.
Group Discussion: In the groups sorted according to the types of attendees.
Presentation: By every attendee, which can be quite inspiring & informative.
Q & A: Active dialogue based on the individual questionnaire.
All programs facilitate eliciting the potential of attendees while pithy comments are provided.
Posterior subjects
・Goals of one’s own in 7 years
・Setting effective guidelines
・Action plans for 7 years
Follow-up studies
If necessary, we set individualized reinforcement plans, monitor and follow up.

Practical Training Themes

The basis for The Next-generation Management
・Win-win work styles for the employees and the companies.
・Setting “Blazing and aspiring goal” is the pivot of human resources.
・Self-enlightenment & personnel development preparing for the world in 20 years.
・Imagining the world of business in the leader’s perspective
・Radical approach & solution for personnel management.
・In-house venture project.
・Global standards of management
・Career & Skill development for Survival.
Themes to approach the essencet
・What’s the real governance
・The sequence of Diversity and successful experiences
・How to think of Work-life balance in global standards
・Self-evaluation of the company and industry from Chart analysis
・Building the world view and upbringing of next generations through the improvement of financial literacy
Training contents are to be constantly augmented based on the client’s goals and needs.
Case-1 Manufacturer
Target: Newly appointed Managers (age:40-50) from the various departments of a large well-established company.
Period: Three straight days
Type: Training camp

The development of Management skill in the age of Diversity

Demand from the Client: Inspiring the personnel to heap not conservative but progressive
Points of the Training: [Estimate of the coming future of one’s own] How many years to go and what to do until 70 years old.
[Networking] Working on others and have a widen view.
[Financial literacy] One’s objectivity & flexibility should improve when combined with the knowledge accounting & management.
“The motivation and the power should develop when a person recognizes own value and find how to improve own skills”
Case-2 Bank
Target: Candidates for executive positions in their 30s from a specific department in a major financial institution
Period: 8 times/ half a year
Type: All day each time (but half a day in 2 times by visiting lecturers)

The development of Management skill in the global age

Demand from the Client: Instructing of business and management skills required to survive the global age
Points of the Training: [The strength of Japanese business workers and the wall of global standard] How to understand essential differences of working environments and how to adapt.
[The Entrepreneur Mind] Reviewing how to enhance the performance, the significance of adopting various talents.
CASE [The real intention: Why did a Global Head take offense at Japanese subsidiary’s head]
“Acquiring of management mind of global standards helps improve a quality of growth remarkably”
Case-3 IT company
Target: Middle management (age: 30s-40s) from the various departments in a developing company.
Period: 3 times/ 9 months
Type: All day in each time

The reform of working style in the age of uncertainty, improvement of managing skills of subordinates

Demand from the Client: Providing the sense and insight of management for them who have high potential but are tied up with the daily grind.
Points of the Training: [Blazing and aspiring goal] Setting a goal for each based on respective IT skills
[The Revolution of Conference Management] Changing the conference style helps elicit one’s ability and market value.
[Understanding the company's principle] Attendees with the essence of the principle which should be associated with their daily work.
“Those who are inapt at communication have the potential of making a competitive manager”
Case-4 Life Insurance Company
Target: Newly hired young employees in a sales branch.
Period: 12 times/ a year, Still regularly since several years ago.
Type: One hour each time

“The development of Career and Skills vital in the Global age, Current topics, etc.”

Demand from the Client: Acquiring a basics of business accepted in the world
Points of the Training: [What to talk with the client] Points of OJT which give chances to learn variations.
[The Topic of the month] Attendees are supposed to present the heeding incident in the world and exchange opinions each other.
[The long terms perspective on a chart for stock investment] Acquiring the basis of Financial literacy and Applying it in order to construct a world view.
“The future growth hinges on whether they can link footwork with headwork at the early stage”
Case-5 Service Company
Target: Temporary Employees in charge of handling the part-time workers in the head office of a well-established small company.
Period: 6 times/ a year
Type: 3 hours in each time

Enhancement of process management for achieving sales objectives.

Demand from the Client: Lectures of how to acquire the basics of management
Points of the Training: [Practice & Improvement & Master of PDCA] Adding “Purpose” to the P (Plan), the lecturer puts emphasis on the purpose. Attendees are supposed to prepare a calendar with respective PDCAs written in it and master practicing PDCA through routinizing the calendar checking. This process is to be shared in the workplace.
“Sharing clear purposes helps temporary employees develop their aspiration and elicit each potential.”
Other trainings provided are:
“Enhancement of overseas communication skills” for a leading manufacturer
“Lecture series of improvement of asset management power” for a public institution
“Using the asset management as a weapon of the global business person” for a leading insurance company

In order not to make the training effect fleeting but to let it actually make a change, we undertake the training task as a series. Exceptions will be made when we receive an approach from new industry or an innovative proposal. We undertake one-shot training in such cases. To develop a unique training program with explosive impact, we densely exchange ideas with clients.