Thoughts at the time of establishment

Samurai Spirit! ~Win the other in desperate spirituality~

-Both for revival of Japan and your self-transformation-

A chance was born in Abenomics. Whether or not to take this chance depends on our own resolve. In 80’s, with the economy growing at a high level, Japan was praised “Japan as No.1” in the world. Japanese working overseas were proud of being Japanese.

After then, we Japanese stopped taking a risk to challenge new things. Instead, we started making excuses for “not being able to do things”. “Not allowed by the government”, “no decision made by the top management”, “the middle class, spending time only for internal coordination”, “younger people having little energy”・・・ There are too numerous discontent to enumerate. From there, I see no fragment of Samurai spirit which wins the other in desperate spirituality.

Macro environment surrounding Japan has gone steadily worse. Long standing market slump has greatly damaged the value of creditor nation Japan’s wealth that has been pooled diligently. The national debt reaches almost 1,000 trillion yen.

From 2007 through 2008, the subprime mortgage crisis occurred, and the capitalism of western world received a big challenge. Japan, being in a relatively better position, seems to have missed the chance to lead the development of next generation rules. On the contrary, it is deeply concerned that Japan being made to take over the exit of QE (quantitative easing) of the U.S. Will Japan continue to decline and gradually make its people poor?

“That’s not the case for Japan!” Somehow people may be feeling so. Since the collapse of the bubble economy in 1990, under the headwind, Japanese has worked diligently and saved money. Personal financial assets of 1,000 trillion at that time, has already exceeded 1,500 trillion yen.

We can still make it! It is the time Japan should start its transformation. How? The global business scene is a battlefield where an individual with a variety of sense of values bumps the ego of own. People compete to prioritize both their own countries’ benefit and their sense of values. It is now essential to compass the world with this basic framework and subtilize a global sense. Therefore, I decided to work on a project to nurture global talents. It is also imperative that Japan protects the nation’s wealth that has been piled up by now. By learning asset management at the global level, Japanese will get a rich life that is commensurate with its diligence. The essence of asset management is to recognize the money flow in the world. Therefore, the surge of the understanding it becomes a weapon of the global business person.

Japanese has boundless power. Now, the time has come to take a chance to revive Japan. Where can we go by continuing imputing responsibility to others? It is ourselves that controls ourselves. Individuals, with a Samurai spirit, may only take the first step. In both global society and asset management, it is said that the return can be earned only after taking a risk. It is time we Japanese should start our self-transformation. As a member of Japan, I am also prepared to participate in such a transformation. That is the spirit of founding this company.

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