HR/Management Consulting

Human Resources/Management Consulting

CEO Okamura has been engaged in the reformation of the personnel system and organization as a management of companies in Asia including Japan, the United States, and Europe. His advice based on the real experience and comparative scale is highly evaluated, and now EAT provides human resources/management consulting services for both Japanese and non-Japanese major financial institutions.
Case1Major U.S./European Asset Management Company
Upon Japan base strengthening, EAT advised on the ideal form of the personnel treatment systems/organization and human resources placement plan to make front-middle-back office trinity work. EAT is also supporting the replacement process commensurate with the new formation.
Case2Japanese Financial Institution
In the rapidly changing financial industry of Japan, how should the governance be formed to secure true effectiveness?
In addition to the advice on process construction, EAT undertakes monitoring and makes proposals for continuous improvement.